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Begin your road trip to Lovin’ Life! Let my photos take you away to your “happy place”, where you feel a peaceful energy that makes you pivot to the positive and believe that ALL IS WELL!!

Embrace an attitude of gratitude!

When you choose to express gratitude on a daily basis, your overall mood will shift to the positive in a heartbeat.

When you feel blessed, you can't feel stressed!

Make peace with what is.

Peace is a state of mind. When you embrace it, it will pave the way for a better future.

Your thoughts create your reality.

Your life reflects back to you the essence of how you feel in any given moment. That’s why it is so important to make “being happy” your #1 priority.

Activate your WOW vibe today!

Look for the WOW in every day life. Celebrate when things go right. Wake up each morning and say “Thank you for another day”! Breathe in the infinite possibilities of what is on its way to you!

Life is good. Believe that to the core of your being!

Welcome to Lovin' Life Photography

Based out of the beautiful Northwest in Eugene Oregon, Maria Lesetz is the Positive Energy Maven and founder of Lovin’ Life, a Life Coaching Company inspiring people globally to find Happiness through Adversity!

As a Law of Attraction Coach, Maria believes that you should always include activities into your daily life that bring you pure joy and put a smile on your face, even during those bumps in the road of life!

For Maria, her Lovin’ Life Photography does just that for her! Taking photos of nature and landscapes puts her right into that JOY VORTEX (which basically means it’s one of her top “go-to”, “feel good” activities to do)! Living in the Northwest, she is blessed to see the most beautiful sunsets, majestic Christmas trees all year long and a sky that paints a unique canvas each and every night that pleasantly surprises her and activates her WOW vibe!

Jump right in and explore Maria’s breathtaking experiences by viewing some of her photos of nature and feeling the essence of their positive impact.

To Maria, nature invokes a feeling within her that always takes her to that happy place. Let these photos do the same for you!

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The Window of Opportunity

The Window of Opportunity
Look through the window of your life and reflect on your blessings instead of your worries. Feel gratitude in your heart for what IS working in your life and focus more on what puts a smile on your face. When you do, windows of opportunity will open up and your future will look brighter!

Pink Bells
of Joy

Pink Bells of Joy
Make feeling joy your #1 priority. Put it at the top of your to-do list. It’s not dependent upon your life circumstances or what others are doing or saying, it’s dependent on how you choose to respond to what life throws your way in this present moment. Happiness is an inside job and it can be found, even through life’s adversities.

Your Thoughts Are Like Clouds

Your Thoughts Are Like Clouds
Your thoughts are like clouds. They mirror back to you the “essence” of what you are thinking. Future life events will match the energy and feelings behind the thoughts you are choosing right now. If you think negatively, your life will mirror back the negative. If you choose thoughts that feel good, you will attract more positive events into your life!

Sunset Glows through the Dark

Sunset Glows through the Dark
The “sunshine” is always there, waiting for you to embrace it, even through the darkest times. Often there is beauty that is found behind the clouds and the obstacles that exist right here in this present moment. It’s difficult to see that beauty in the middle of a life challenge, but it does exist and when you choose to look for it, you will find it.


Pleasantly Surprised
Allow for the possibilities to be pleasant surprised at how your life experiences can unfold. Through the challenging times, set your intention that things will pivot to the positive, take a deep life-affirming breath in and on the exhale release every thought, feeling and story you tell yourself that doesn't serve you. Expect to be pleasantly surprised today!

The Path to Abundance

The Path to Abundance
Your path to abundance is an inside job. When you focus more on what you are blessed to have in your life and choose to pivot your story of “not enough” to “more than enough”, your future life experiences will reveal to you abundant blessings all along the path. Tap into the feeling of abundance now by shifting your focus!

Beauty Behind
the Clouds

Beauty Behind the Clouds
No matter how many “clouds” are in your life right now, you can always choose to emit rays of sunshine from your being as a result of choosing more empowering thoughts and believing that things can always turn around for the better. When you choose thoughts that feel good, your beauty will shine and your future will be brighter.

Love is

Love is Everywhere
Come from a place of love. Infuse love into everything you do, you say, you are, you look at. Love is an energy that can change any negative situation into a positive when you fully embrace that energy in your mind, body and soul!