About Maria


Maria Lesetz – Lovin’ Life Photographer

Maria Lesetz is one of the top Law of Attraction Happiness Coaches and founder of the company.

Lovin’ Life, a life coaching company that specializes in helping you to find happiness through adversity and to overcome each and every obstacle that is stopping you from living out your greatest desires and dreams.

As a Law of Attraction guru, Maria practices what she teaches her clients and makes sure that she is engaged in activities that bring her abundant joy each and every day.

Photography is one of those passions. Maria is “in the vortex” (i.e., in that pure joy state) when she is out in nature on her Lovin’ Life walks and taking pictures of the scenery in the beautiful Pacific Northwest in the United States of America!

Maria has been an artist of all types since she was a young girl. She is a singer, performer, motivational speaker, calligrapher (e.g., she creates beautiful hand-painted Gratitude Rocks infused with her Lovin’ Life energy)

According to Maria, photos are more than pictures displayed on a desktop or the walls. Photos elicit a feeling within you that should take you to your “happy place” or a place that feels calming, peaceful, soothing or maybe even exciting, intriguing and energized! No matter what type of emotion it brings forth, the photos you design your environment with should enrich your life in some way, shape or form and make you feel good on the inside.

Here’s what Maria says about her Lovin’ Life photography:

“Nature brings a sense of peace to my mind, body and soul. When I absorb the beauty all around me in the Pacific Northwest by staying grounded in the present moment, I am able to capture “life lessons” that exist in nature. I am able to give my photography customers a glimpse through that window of life lessons and signs from the Universe that I see and feel when I am immersed in my photography. I don’t just see a beautiful picture, I see a story that empowers and teaches all of us how to continue to love life, despite the bumps that you and I face along this journey.

Cheers to Lovin’ Life!”




Please note: If you are interested in purchasing Maria’s photos but you live outside of the United States, contact Maria directly for details on shipping and handling at lovinlifephotography@icloud.com or click here to send her a message through her contact form.

All orders placed on this website are for the photos only. Your purchase does NOT include any matting or framing.   If you are interested in purchasing these photos framed or on a special order canvas print, please contact Maria directly for further details and additional charges.