Beauty behind the Clouds
Beauty behind the Clouds

Beauty behind
the Clouds


No matter how many “clouds” are in your life right now, you can always choose to emit rays of sunshine from your being as a result of choosing more empowering thoughts and believing that things can always turn around for the better. When you choose thoughts that feel good, your beauty will shine and your future will be brighter.


Product Description

This sunset photo was taken in Eugene, Oregon over the Willamette River.  There are two versions available – one portrait and one landscape, both which you can order in an 8×10 or 11×14 sizing. Click on the thumbnail pictures above to view both versions in a larger format.

They each have their own unique beauty. I often like to capture a sunset through the “frame” of leaves or the trees, which I feel gives a unique addition to the “vibe” of the photo (this is reflected in the portrait version of this photo).

The rays behind the clouds remind us that the “sunshine” is always there for you to find, even during life’s adversities.