Canvas in the Sky

Canvas in
the Sky


Each day you have a blank canvas that represents your future life experiences. Your future hasn’t happened yet! It is dependent on the attitude you choose to embrace in this present moment. Think of yourself as a painter and an artist. Your thoughts and feelings are your paintbrush, your tool that is painting that canvas called … “your future”. The final piece of artwork will match the essence of what you are choosing to think and feel right now in this present moment. You create your reality by how you choose to feel in any given moment.  What type of “future” canvas are you painting today with your thoughts and feelings?


Product Description

I remember this night very well. It was one of the most magical skies I have ever seen after a sunset in Eugene, Oregon. This photo was taken from a parking lot, where I looked up and saw the beautiful canvas of pink and blue hues, with geese flying in their v-shaped pattern. I just clicked away, taking me into the beauty that always brings me inner peace.

This photo comes in a portrait version only in 2 sizes, 8×10 and 11×14. Click on the picture above to view this photo in a larger format.