Peaceful Reflection
Peaceful Reflection



The answers reside within you. But you have to pamper yourself with “me time” in order to de-stress, unwind, relax and let go of all those gremlin thoughts that hold you back from being the best version of yourself!

Embracing a peaceful vibe, even in the face of life’s storms, will always lead you to the most positive outcomes.


Product Description

This photo is one of my favorites! It was taken one special night on my Lovin’ Life walking path in Eugene, Oregon. The sun had a bright orange glow that was unique and mesmerizing. The reflection I captured in the water of the trees looks like a black and white photo with a splash of color from the sun and a slight pink hue in the sky.

There is something unique about this picture that I truly LOVE! It invites you in to the peaceful and calming vibe of that night.

This picture looks awesome on canvas (custom order only – contact me directly for details), but can also be purchased here in a landscape format in 2 sizes (8×10 and 11×14). Click on the small thumbnail picture above to view this Peaceful Reflection in a larger format!