Pleasantly Surprised



Allow for the possibilities to be pleasantly surprised at how your life experiences can unfold. Through the challenging times, set your intention that things will pivot to the positive. Take a deep life-affirming breath in and on the exhale release every thought, feeling and story you tell yourself that doesn’t serve you. Expect to be pleasantly surprised today!


Product Description

This photo was taken on one of my trips up the coast of Oregon from Florence to Newport at the Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area.

It was a grey day, where the sun was trying to peak through the clouds. As I was hearing the sounds of the waves crashing against the rock (the area called the Devil’s Punch Bowl), I took abundant photos of the reflection of that sun behind the clouds on the Pacific Ocean. I didn’t expect the photo to turn out looking like a black and white photo! I was pleasantly surprised by this gift. The combination of the dim-looking sun reflecting on the ocean with that tree and the rocks bordering the view was just simply breathtaking.

When you expect to be pleasantly surprised throughout life, you will be!

This photo comes in a portrait version only in 2 sizes, 8×10 and 11×14. Click on the picture above to view this photo in a larger format.