Road Trip to Lovin Life
Road Trip to Lovin Life

Road Trip
to Lovin’ Life


The road to your dreams is meant to be enjoyed! If you are not enjoying the journey, then what’s the point? Choose a different road, a smoother road, one where your thoughts make you feel good, where you expect the positive, where you know that you have what it takes to handle any bumps that show up along the way. The road will be smoother when you choose to make how you feel in any given moment your #1 priority. Make “being happy” your default vibe, no matter what life throws your way!!


Product Description

This photo was taken close to my home in Eugene Oregon. It was just a regular day and while I was sitting in the passenger seat I saw this most amazing view right in front of me on the road! The road was open, the skies were blue with clouds scattered throughout. There was something magical and inviting about the road ahead that I just had to capture with my camera. Every time I look at this photo, I feel an open energy. I feel FREE. I feel excited about the future (i.e., the road ahead).

It makes me smile! How about you?

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