Serenity in the Pink Sunset
Serenity in the Pink Sunset

Serenity in the
Pink Sunset


There is beauty all around you and daily blessings that are those little things that we often take for granted. When you live in the energy of pure gratitude for the positive things you have in your life, you activate a peaceful, serene vibe that will benefit you throughout your entire life.

When you find the peace within, everything around you looks more beautiful and you pave the way for a more positive future.


Product Description

This photo was taken on one of my favorite bridges in Eugene, Oregon.

The sunset each night as the seasons change is a different “painting in the sky”. This night struck me in a serene way. The pink hues in the sky, coupled with the sun setting, not in its usual orange glow, but a beautiful deep pink ball of energy, was simply gorgeous and gave me the most peaceful, “all is well” feeling.

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