Sun Behind the Clouds
Sun Behind the Clouds

Sun behind
the Clouds


When your life situations feel like abundant grey skies are upon you, you have a choice to pivot your focus to what makes you feel good on the inside, even if initially it appears difficult to find that “sunshine within”. You start to pivot to the positive by talking more about the aspects of your life that ARE working and that make you smile. Then you start reframing the story you are telling yourself about your current life situation to a story that feels empowering and hopeful. Lastly, you TRUST and BELIEVE that things will turn around for the better because the Universe has your back.

When you deliberately choose to feel better, the sunshine in your heart and soul will begin to reveal itself, showering you with abundant love, letting you know that ALL IS WELL.


Product Description

This photo was taken on one of my trips up the coast of Oregon from Florence to Newport.

It was a grey day where the sun kept on trying to peak through the clouds as it reflected its beauty on the Pacific Ocean.   When I took this picture, I didn’t even realize at the time that the sun peaking through the clouds was in a heart shape – just another one of those signs that remind us that there is abundant love all around us!

I love the way the sun reflects on the ocean (in the distance and right in the front). There is an expansive, open and inviting energy in this ocean view that makes you want to breathe it in for an extended period of time. Ahhhhh … Breathe in. Breathe out. Now, count to ZEN!

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