Sunset Glow through the Dark

Sunset Glows
Through the Dark


The “sunshine” (i.e., your inner happiness) is always there, waiting for you to embrace it, even through the darkest times. Often there is beauty that is found behind the clouds and the obstacles that exist right here in this present moment. It’s difficult to see that beauty in the middle of a life challenge, but it does exist! When you choose to look for it, you will find it.


Product Description

This photo was taken on my Lovin’ Life walking path in Eugene, Oregon on one of the most auspicious, magical and breathtaking nights! I looked to my left as I was walking down the path in awe of the beauty in the sky and through the dark trees I captured this moment. WOW!   It took my breath away. The hues in the sky were gorgeous, coupled with the sunset and its bright reflection on the water.

It made me think of those dark times in our lives where the adversity can feel overwhelming, but then there’s that moment when we realize that we have a choice to see that glimmer of hope (i.e., “peak through the trees”) and believe that things are going to turn around for the better. When we embrace that attitude of “All will be well” through the tough times, our life situations will improve.

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