The Path to Abundance

The Path
to Abundance


Your path to abundance is an inside job. When you focus more on what you are blessed to have in your life and choose to pivot your story of “not enough” to “more than enough”, your future life experiences will reveal to you abundant blessings all along the path. Tap into the feeling of abundance now by shifting your focus!


Product Description

This photo was taken on one of my trips up the coast of Oregon from Florence to Newport. I stopped at the Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area and captured some awesome photos of the Pacific Ocean with the sun peaking behind the clouds and reflecting onto the water. Also heard that rush of waves crashing against the rock in the area called the Devil’s punch bowl … a moment of nature that you just breathe in and go “ahhhhhhhhhh”.

There is an open path at this scenic area that leads to abundant beauty and the element of surprise with every corner you turn. I captured this shot on the way up the path back to my car. It reminded me of the “open road” that we call our future, where there are abundant opportunities that lie ahead for us. With each step we take, we can choose to see the abundant beauty that exists right here, right now or we can keep on asking the question “are we there yet?” and miss out on all the beauty right in front of us.

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